I have been part of Soul Survivor in Watford for more than 20 years, and was invited to get involved in SoulFit, a way to encourage members of the church to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to get fitter or simply to maintain their fitness.

An introduction to SoulFit

An introduction from Senior Pastor, Rev Canon Mike Pilavachi on the church’s Facebook page and a video introduction with Mike and our other particpant, Rev Andy Croft.

“This is a page for those of us at Soul Survivor Watford who would like to get healthier either through exercise or losing weight. We can encourage each other. I know how much of a battle this is and how much I need my friends to cheer me on. In January I was 20 stone 10. Today I am 16 stone 8. It has been such a battle but I already feel so much better and my diabetes is under control. I have two and a half stone to go.

“Eating less is half the answer. Exercise is the other half. We will post on here some specially filmed exercise videos over the next few weeks which everyone can do at home with no special equipment. Also we will talk about safe and sensible dieting with good nutrition with some experts. You may not need to lose weight but would like to be a little fitter. This is also a good place for you. I have realised the benefits of exercise are huge. Even going on regular walks! It is a battle but we can do it together.

“Lets go for it!”

SoulFit Session 1

Last weekend, I took Mike and Andy through their first session…and it was obviously great fun for all involved….!