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Before I started training with Tim I was very unfit, got out of breath doing food shopping and couldn’t walk to the end of my road without stopping. After being diagnosed with hypermobility and lupus I had stopped exercising completely so my muscles were very weak.

I started training with Tim nearly 10 months ago. When we first met he was very understanding of my conditions and their implications for training and put me at ease straight away. I am constantly amazed at all of the things I am now able to achieve with Tim’s guidance, many of which I never thought would be possible. I would not hesitate to recommend Tim to anyone who wants to improve their fitness, lose weight and become more confident in the process.


I have been training with Tim for 7 weeks and really enjoy our twice weekly 1 hour sessions, which are tailored to what I want to achieve.

My programme covers a mixture of cardio and weights in the cabin plus interval training in preparation for my first park run! I’m a full time working mummy with a toddler so I was looking for something that fitted into a busy week and gave me results which TM Personal Training does.

Tim is motivational, helpful, easy to chat to and the most important thing is he really knows what he’s talking about. Thanks Tim

Charlotte Green

Tim has been instrumental in helping me get back some fitness, strength and lose some weight.

He has tailored my sessions specifically to the types of sports I enjoy. I look forward to the sessions each week, the effects of 1 session a week have motivated me to do more exercise too.

I highly recommend Tim if you are looking for a Personal Trainer!

Ben Sweet

Tim was great!

I felt very comfortable with him and he really knew what he was talking about.

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control I was not able to complete my course but I hope to be back when I can to continue my journey back to my old body!

Thank you Tim??

Sarah Herriott

Both myself and husband attend a running session led by Tim and highly recommend him. I have seen my fitness and confidence improve in my running through the sessions.

Tim runs well designed sessions to keep everyone working and challenged in a mixed ability group, creating a healthy sense of competition and team spirit.

Tim is very approachable and easy to chat to.

Kat Blakey

Over the last 3 months, Tim of TM Personal Training has been fantastic at motivating me to lose weight while increasing my body strength.

As one of his older clients, he ensures that each weekly session has a variety of interesting exercises well within my capability.

He is a really friendly and knowledgeable guy and I have no hesitation in recommending him if you wish to lose weight, get fit and enjoy life more.


Tim’s personal training sessions are really enjoyable.

They are motivating and personally tailored which makes a huge difference.

The hour flies by and i’m really starting to see results.

Highly HIGHLY recommended.

Elizabeth Humphreys

I’m training with Tim for 4 month now, the tailored plan and the flexibility are key to fit the training with my working hours. I couldn’t be more happy with my achievements with the train. I’m much more confident and relaxed, was definitely what was missing on my busy life. I can’t thank Tim enough.

Catarina Ferreira

I am really enjoying my sessions with Tim, I do this on a 1:2 basis with my husband.

Tim has really helped increase my motivation to exercise after having a baby and I feel much fitter and stronger.

He is really knowledgeable and tailors the programme to suit the sports I like.

Would highly recommend!

Jodie Sweet

I’ve known Tim a long time and he has always been passionate about sports and fitness, so personal training seemed a good fit for him.

I have taken part in his group classes and he keeps the exercises varied, interesting but ensures you are getting an all-round fitness benefit. He keeps the classes engaged with motivation and good humour.

I would not hesitate to recommend his personal training.

Simon Peat

I was looking to find some cardio exercise while recovering from an ankle injury, and I’m not particularly motivated to either go out on a road bike or use a machine in the gym.

After discussing some options with Tim, he suggested some Turbo Training classes which have been great for me, improving my fitness levels and providing a good destress after a long day at work in London!

Kelly McHugh

Would highly recommend Tim.

He designs a tailored training session each week which pushes me further than I would ever go on my own but in a fun and rewarding way. I’m much fitter and stronger than when I first started just over a year ago.

Marion Dunstonem

I’ve completed a few sessions with Tim which were great, and he has been helpful while I’ve been recovering from a back injury.

I’m looking forward to working with him again in the New Year.

Tom Neary

Tim has a great set up with a range of equipment and exercises to work every part of your body.

He is also a very good motivator using either the carrot or stick method depending on what you as a client need.

Michael Rees

Tim is motivating, knowledgeable and has really helped me to reach my fitness goals.

Highly recommended.

Wendy Iveson

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